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We’re going LIVE in 5…4…3…2…1 – Did the cloud of dread just descend upon you? It definitely doesn’t need to when it comes to Facebook Lives, they have so much to add to your online presence and have so many benefits when it comes to your brand awareness. So, stick with me and let me convince you why these are a must in your campaign planning!




In the fast paced and disposable world we live in today it’s become so common for businesses to be dehumanised, to seem like the customer is a figure on a graph or the company owner is a mystery. I believe it’s vital for a business’ success to switch up this trend and to reconnect with their customer base, to let people see behind the scenes, especially if your service or product is predominantly online – Facebook Lives, and pre-records, are the quickest and easiest ways to truly connect with your followers.




Facebook Live won’t cost you anything (except possibly a few deep breaths and a side order of courage) but of course I do appreciate that the prospect of beaming live across the World Wide Web can be hugely daunting but I hope by the end of this series of ‘Connect The Dots’ you’ll have lots of tips and tricks to give you that hand to hold as you press that big red button for the first time!




The biggest concern I’ve had from clients when they’ve gone live for the first time is this “I only had one or two people watching” – Don’t let this put you off! It’s unrealistic to expect hundreds to tune in when you first start off (or ever) unless you do a huge promotion around it, fanfare included, but there can be lots of reasons for this and remember people can replay at their leisure! You might be broadcasting at a time when people are at work, doing the school run, or are simply busy living their day to days.




Alongside the fact Facebook Live is a free way to promote your-self, it’s also got great potential when it comes to increasing exposure and engagement. Live videos are likely to get four times the exposure of a static post (I’m sorry to say this also includes pre-recorded content!) so when it comes to organic reach on Facebook, it really is a golden nugget. It’s incredibly involved to increase your organic engagement if that is your aim alone, but one of the simplest ways to start with this is, without trying to repeat myself, going live!




One of the more raw and basic reasons for Facebook Lives making such a difference is that true connection with your audience. People want to know what you sound like, what you look like, your energy vibe, your enthusiasm for your business and industry and there’s no better way to genuinely get this across without meeting someone in person. If you’ve picked a time to broadcast that means people watch live, you can ask if they have any questions and it will enable you to answer in real time and have a conversation with your viewers, which is a fantastic way to connect and extremely high on the scale of customer service and satisfaction.




When it comes to getting across what your company culture is all about, there is no better way than a behind the scenes tour. Introduce your team, what goes into making your product or service, how things are put together, perhaps stream a creative meeting or even a silly team building event. I cannot stress enough how valuable it is to put across your personalities, your human selves, everything that goes into making your company so great, a company that in turn the people watching want to buy from or work with you!




Another brilliant way take advantage of these streams is for the event industry. If you’re running an event and have people that can’t attend, then you could live stream some or all of the key parts. A great way to boast about what people are missing and to make them want to attend next time or to simply have more people engage with what you’ve got going on! It would also be a great way to promote your event in the lead up, perhaps do a live broadcast from behind the scenes on the build, or have a guest speaker who will be there on the day, interview some of your team to unveil snippets of what might unfold – there is endless content opportunities.




One other very popular content source for live videos is industry news. If you have a great piece of information to share with an audience perhaps jump on and share it as a News Flash! Maybe you could make that a regular exciting feature for people to look out for?






As I mentioned at the very beginning of this post is that I have put together an amazing guide for Facebook Lives that will give you loads of great tips and tricks to build your confidence and turn you into a complete pro in no time. I will quickly share with you an inside trick that helped me get into the groove when I first started doing them…. When you click on the option to go live on FB, you’ll see a little drop down menu that allows you to pick who you will broadcast to. The first time select ‘Only Me’ and have a practice run broadcasting to yourself! You can babble along, start as many times as you like, play with graphics, sharing your screen, moving the camera… whatever you need to do to figure it all out – and best of all you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you as you find your feet!


A comprehensive guide to going Live on social media is just one of 40 awesome resources inside the Social Media Toolbox 



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