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​Think about the last time you considered buying something online. I know without a shadow of doubt that you would have looked at reviews, read the testimonials or searched for a reason NOT to buy it. Am I right, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]?

​People ALWAYS look for evidence that the thing you are selling or offering is right for them. And people place the experiences of others over and above all else you might say or do to sell your product or service.

​As a business owner it is really important that you get into the habit of collecting reviews and testimonials, or as I prefer to call them, stories. 📚

​Collect an abundance of stories and sprinkle them everywhere 🚿. On your social media, on your website, your lead magnets, in your emails, and on your email signature even!

​The key is to provide a variety of stories so that they are more relatable to your potential customer.

​The three most important varieties include:

  • what stage your potential customer is at, i.e. you might teach guitar but you want to share stories of students who were just learning but also those that were more advanced
  • different types of people, i.e people with kids, no kids, old, young, experienced, inexperienced, people living in different locations
  • people experiencing different types of challenges aka, the most common objections that you face when people are considering buying from you

The more objections you overcome through social proof, the more you eliminate the friction to buying. And that is what will increase your sales.

​How to ask, you ask? Here is an example template you could send to your existing customers right now. They just have to fill in the blanks for you!

Working with [insert name and business] has given me {benefit/results}. Before I was {previous state/struggle}, but now I’m {new state/emotion}. I’ve been able to {result/revenue increase/social media gains/ time gained/ etc.}. Working with [her/him/them] is a {No brainer? Necessary? Vital? Genius?}.

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