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Welcome to my regular blog segment of ‘Connect the Dots’ which you can find on my Facebook page each week as a video if you’d like to join me, I’d love to have your company!


The topic for this edition is – Social Media That Converts. Meaning content you are creating that in turn converts people into your customers and hopefully into your loud and proud advocates. 


I’m going to go straight for the jugular here and throw in a marketing term from the outset – THE FUNNEL OF MARKETING… Now, stay with me, I promise it’s not complicated! In fact, it’s super simple. Picture a funnel… at the top of the funnel you have ‘awareness’, this narrows down to ‘consideration’ and then further still to ‘purchase’. It’s also known as the ‘know, like and trust factor’, I’m going to explain broadly around that idea and how it should help shape the content you create on your social media platform.


Most businesses are really good at the ‘awareness’ or ‘know’ factor at the top of the funnel. This is where we educate, entertain and inspire. It might be with things like sharing current news, something comical, creating a poll asking your audience for their input or it could be telling stories. Stories on social media are an incredibly powerful tool, it’s a great way to connect with your audience and personalise your page. It could be a story about a problem a customer had and how you helped solve it, it could be a story of your history or a journey you’re currently on. There’s endless opportunities for content creation and it’s appealing to people at all stages of the funnel so keep this on your to-do list, always. 


The second and third part of the funnel are often the ones that get overlooked, or taken for granted. ‘Consideration’ or the ‘like factor’ is next up. This is the part where people are actively thinking about your product or service but you need to provide them with more information to help them make a decision as they try to figure out if your business has the solution they are hunting for. This is where it’s really important to research the issues your target market has and how you can solve them. 


One great way to help build the ‘like factor’, that’s getting them to consider purchasing from you, is to share testimonials. Never be shy about shouting about any good feedback you get or even bad feedback that you go on to convert into good. People want to hear your current customers opinions – there’s a reason there are so many review sites on the internet and it’s not just for the soap box crew to have somewhere to hang out. 


You could do a behind the scenes video of a sneak peek into a new service or product that’s in the making, you could do tutorials, live Q&As, encourage discussion by creating polls and make sure you hit on some of your FAQs. By creating content around topics that you frequently get asked about it shows you listen but it’s also a quick and easy subject to write about or make videos on because you already know people want to hear it! There’s lots of great ways to build on the trust and nurture the ‘like’ – see some of my previous blog posts for ideas.


The big finale is the ‘purchase’ stage, the holy grail of the business world. You’ve convinced people they like you, they know lots about your product or service, it’s now your job to make it really simple for them to get what they need. Make it really clear where people can go to buy from you, make it even more tantalising by offering a time sensitive offer. You might have a sale that ends in a week and you’re giving them a button to press to go straight to it. Never, ever make it complicated to complete a sale. If you can cut out a step, do it. We live in such a fast paced world that if someone has to fill in too much, click on too much or scroll too far, you’ve lost them.


As a special treat for hanging out on this blog with me, I’ve created something you’ll absolutely love. I’ve mapped out this entire process for you, I’ve created a free download for you that covers 30 days of content that all fits within the buckets of awareness, consideration and purchase, or know, like and trust. I’d like to challenge you to go through it, use the section I’ve left so you can scribble some notes and actually schedule these posts in for the next 30 days and see what it does for your business and then let me know! I’d love to hear how it’s worked for you.


If you’re stuck with anything and want to chat things through with me, remember I’ve now got available the ‘Virtual Cuppa’ which is a 15 minute natter where we could intensely answer something you’re struggling with or if you need a little longer there’s a ‘Power Hour’ – you can book both these slots online and they are a great way of getting a hold on any particular issue you’re having. 


Next time, I’m moving on to talk about Facebook adverts and to clear the fog that surrounds them. I’m aware of how overwhelming the prospect of using them can be and hopefully I’ll give you the confidence to progress past the ‘boost’ button and appreciate the technicolour pizazz they can add to your marketing campaign.


Anyway, until next time…. Thanks for joining me! 

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