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You can actually show up as a person!

​A real, imperfect, messy person who sometimes needs to take a step back, ask for help, apologise, and hit re-start.

Business IS personal.

​And your personal brand? Yeah, that’s definitely personal! It’s made up of you and all the stories, ideas, beliefs, experiences, and truths you hold as a human being.

​When our world has a human issue that intertwines with your values, your opinions and knowledge around that issue will naturally seep into your brand and how you do business, too.

​So, what is it that you care about? What is it that you stand for? What beliefs would you get on a stage and talk about? What values would you defend in a boxing ring if you had to? What do you want to be known for? What heartbreak do you see in the world? How are you working to make that better?

​Your answers to these questions will be different from mine.

​So, yep. You will lose followers when you share the values behind your brand. Not everyone is going to agree with you or even like you. (Gasp! No!)

​It sucks. It’s also perfectly normal.

​But you know what else is true? When you show up as the face of your business and speak honestly about things that matter to you — ideas you’re crazy passionate about and issues that influence why you do what you do, your words will also really, really hit home for the people you actually want to hang out with – or work with!

​I’ll say it again — business is personal. And that is why sole traders like you have a MASSIVE advantage on social media.

​Be brave, add some personability (one of my 4P’s) to your content and watch your business flourish.

Not sure where to start with some personability content? I have lots of prompts for you in my 4P Content Kit!☕

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