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 Stop Boosting Your Facebook Posts (Until You’ve Done This)


Welcome back to my regular online feature ‘Connect The Dots’; in this blog, and all of my others, I’m hoping you’ll find lots of tips and tricks to give your marketing an extra zing and to shine a brighter light on your product or service than that of your competitors!


In the last few editions of this blog I’ve been concentrating on content – how you come up with it, where you publish it and how you plan it all out through your marketing schedule. For the next few articles I’m going to be focusing on Facebook adverts. I am a BIG fan of Facebook ads, I love how adaptable they are, how targeted they can be and how creative you can get with them! However, I am fully aware that they can be incredibly daunting if you’re not experienced in using them and also appreciate that lots of you might worry that if you don’t get the advert right it will be a waste of your money and of course, your time.


For now, I want to focus on that button that everyone will be familiar with as it’ll pop up on every published post your page has – the ‘Boost Button’. This is nearly always the entry point to people’s Facebook advertising experience. It’s like the tower of chocolate bars at the checkout in a supermarket – perfectly placed and just so inviting! If you’ve got a post that you think should be getting great traction but isn’t really performing, then it’s so tempting just to press that button, bung on $10, click and hope for the best… How often is that a success? Probably not very often! 


I might seem like I’m repeating myself when it comes to creating engaging content, researching what your audience is interested in and watching your competitors but I can’t hammer home more how important it is. If you don’t create the right kind of content that people want to interact with, then boosting that kind of post won’t make a blind bit of difference. Yes, a few more people might see the post but what’s it matter if they don’t really take any notice? 


Take the post back to the basics. How is it structured? Is it inviting conversation? Is it informative? Are you offering something you know your followers are interested in? It must be something that calls for an action, whether that be a comment, a share, a like, whatever – if you’re looking for engagement they you need to ask for it!


The best types of posts for boosting are conversational or perhaps getting people to head to your website after you’ve shared a blog post or you’ve done a live stream for example. Ones that tend to work less are the more salesy ones, these are much better via Ad Manager. Quick Tip – Stick to info, fun and chit chat when it comes to Facebook boosting. 


When, and only when, the post starts to gain attention with people interacting with it, do you then want to hover over that boost button. Facebook will help you out here by encouraging you to boost at this point, you’ll get an alert to say ‘a post on your page is getting more attention than others, would you like to boost it?’ etc. This is when you say YES PLEASE! As you already know that you’ve cracked a formula so now it’s worth investment. 


Once you’ve got the green light but before you get your wallet out, just have a think about what you’re wanting to gain from the boost. Are you wanting more comments or likes on this particular post? Are you wanting people to like your page? Are you wanting people to head to your website? You need to know as the boost facility will give you a few different options on how to target your ad to get what you’re trying to achieve. Although they are much more limited than the Ad Manager, they do definitely serve a purpose when used correctly. 


The difference when you use Ads Manager, which I know can seem like a super scary platform to get the hang of (but hopefully after I’ve covered how to tackle it over the next few weeks you’ll feel very differently!), is within it there are so many different variables available to you and the best thing is you can test all those different options to get the perfect one for your advert.


This means you can find out which image is working better, which copy is best, which demographic you’re targeting responds best. All this really helps in getting more results for your investment. 

I hope that’s been helpful, please feel free to shoot me any questions if I can help – You can always book on to my Power Hour for a more in depth chat, Click Here to find out more about that 





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