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I’ll help you put a spark in your online strategy

You know your greatest strengths and you know where you want them to take you. My strategic marketing consultancy will help you connect the actions with the ideas to create a perfectly woven game plan that will result in a reduction of time and cost, and an uplift in results…

Social Media Strategies for Growth

Many business owners understand the importance of multichannel marketing but struggle to bring it all together in a synergistic way. I create and implement amazing growth strategies that meet your customers where they are at with multiple personalised touch points. Includes social media content, lead generation tools, content marketing, content marketing, website copy, blog writing and email marketing.​​ I help businesses harness the very best of their marketing opportunities.

Create a Spark

The first option is to produce a tightly planned strategy that plays to not only your business’ strength but to those who will be implementing the campaign. I’ll create the schedule of events across multiple channels, including both traditional and digital, I’ll create the content required, supply out of the box ideas to grab people’s attention and ensure we’ve set alight a complete multi-channel marketing plan that will seamlessly connect all the dots leaving you to simply put it into action. ​I’ve found this takes a huge weight off a client’s shoulders and gives clarity as well as easy to see results!

Keep the Fire Burning

The second option is for me to not only plan out a campaign and supply all the content required to action it, but to also sit in the driver’s seat and make sure we get you to your destination. I know how precious your time is and how much of it marketing is incredibly good at hogging. Let me take that stress out of your hands so you can concentrate on your customers in a way you should – with the great service your renowned for – I can be the one to shout about it for you!

What are the benefits for my business?

  • When you’re in the thick of it, it’s sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. A big passion of mine is getting involved at the root level and learning all about a business and how best I can help transform the marketing strategy with fresh eyes.
  • Narrowing down who to market your service to is one of the biggest tasks when creating the most productive marketing plan. I’ll help you discover your target audience in such detail that it will have a direct impact on reducing your marketing costs.
  • Research is a chore! But lucky for you, it’s one I relish! One of my core skills is discovery, I work hard to learn everything I possibly can to create an multichannel strategy that covers all the best avenues, beats all the closest competition and plays to your every strength.
  • I don’t blinker my thinking. If I’m working on a particular campaign for you, I’m not blind to everything else that’s going on in your business. If I can see opportunities for brand awareness or to interlink with something else you’ve got going on, I’ll speak up and help you further.
  • I’ll add a little discipline. I won’t start cracking any whips but will help give you focus when it comes to marketing. It’s so easy to get blown along without direction, often with too many ideas put half into action that eventually get abandoned. With my detailed plan and scheduling you’ll have your bespoke strategy completely mapped out for you.
  • Data and results are key. I don’t expect you to take my word for it, I’ll make sure I supply you with plenty of information, facts and figures regarding the progress of any campaign I’m involved in. With this transparent reporting you’ll be able to see the benefits and easily understand what I’m up to and what to expect next.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How important is marketing strategy in the current climate?

In these crazily uncertain times, there is one certainty – clear marketing strategies that are built around listening to what our customers need will be what gets us through this rough patch. People will connect even more so via Facebook and other channels so keeping your business active and visible is imperative for survival. People are naturally seeking reassurance that their problems can be solved,  and there is also a strong desire to support local businesses.  If you can humanise you business and connect into the new mood and beliefs of this time then your business will grow.

How much involvement will I have in the planning stage?

Exactly the amount you want. Some clients like to give me a company overview, the aims of the campaign, and that’s about it! Other’s like to get stuck in and walk through it with me side by side – it’s totally up to you how you want to work.

I'm worried about spending at the moment, what's your advice?

I totally understand your concerns and want to reassure my clients that one of my main priorities is always making sure you’re spending the least and getting the most. I’ll help you streamline your plans to your budgets and make sure every dollar spent is getting the maximum benefits. A well structured campaign that connects YOU with you customers is probably the most cost effective marketing you will ever do.

Are you prepared to change things mid campaign if required?

Of course! If the goal posts move or if we need to adapt the plan for any reason, I’ll do what we need to. I will be constantly evaluating the progress with you, keeping you informed and making sure we’re on course to hit your target.

Why is marketing strategy important?
Your strategy sets the direction for your everyday marketing activities and keeps the whole team focused on what matters most. This is key to launching campaigns and promotional activities that effectively engage potential customers, drive revenue, build brand awareness, and strengthen the relationship with existing customers.​​

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