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You’re feeling a bit ‘stuck’ with social media content right now.

That’s the reason you’re reading this blog, right?

Social media content is just part of the online marketing puzzle. And if you want more leads from social media, you need to start with a strategy, full stop.

I’m glad you’ve decided to search for answers because I have tons of cool ideas to share with you on how to get more leads from social media for your business.

I guess the best place to start is with my own story.

Over the past six months, I have tripled my email list and successfully pivoted my business to selling digital products to business owners just like you.

Before that, I have to admit I didn’t really ‘get’ how to promote my digital products via social media.

I mean, I knew how it worked… I got decent enough engagement and great leads for my previous social media agency business (I’m an expert in social media for flip’s sake). But I didn’t understand how to pivot to a one-to-many product business on social media.

This is what I learned:

Be clear on the one product/service that brings you the most joy and profit and your buyers the most value.

I took a long hard look at what kind of products I had to sell and then ran them through my Value/Joy/Profit checklist to determine which one came out on top. (this stopped me running around trying to do ‘all the things’ and also confusing my ideal clients on what I had to offer)

Understanding what makes your ideal client tick

I started mapping out who my ideal client was and going deep on what problems they were struggling with day to day and what kept them up at night. This meant I could create content on social media that really resonated and encouraged people to come check me out.

You need to create that one statement about who I help, what I help them achieve and how I do this.

If you only do one thing on your social media strategy – this is it! Trust me, everything falls into place when you have this nailed.

Consistent content is everything!

You don’t need to be posting 3 times a day on 4 different platforms to get results. But you do need a simple framework to post consistently which will allow you to show up as an expert, speak directly to your ideal client and have them choose to work with you (especially your unique style and personality).

If I could help you with ONE thing right now with your social media strategy, what would it be?

  • Attract more followers
  • Get more engagement on your posts
  • Turn your social media engagement into sales

…or something else entirely?  Feel free to drop me a DM on my Facebook Page – I am here to help!

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