Uncomplicate Your Marketing with a Day of Voxer

Do you dream of finding the secret to simplifying your marketing so it doesn’t feel like a fulltime job? You’re idea-busy, but time poor and you are looking for support and advice that will help you take action quickly.

You KNOW you need support to simplify your marketing and put an end to the overwhelm and uncertainty.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could…

  • Have access to an online marketing expert who understands exactly why you get overwhelmed and will help you enjoy your marketing again.
  • Have someone who won’t give you more “ideas” but take your ideas and give you clarity on the exact steps you need to take to get stuff done
  • Dive deep into your marketing troubles for a day
  • Get just the right amount of support to get you to connect the actions with the ideas and create a perfectly woven game plan that works for YOU and your business.

Well… I have some good news for you, friend. That’s exactly what you sign up for when you book a Day of Voxer with me!

During your Day of Voxer, I’ll be digging deep, asking questions, and keeping us on track until we get to the core of what’s causing marketing ‘brain fog’ and the overwhelm that is distracting you from what actually matters in your business.

“I have really enjoyed today!  It’s a great concept as it allows you to learn and put into practice as you go.  I feel I have made some real progress today despite it being school holiday crazy!”




What can we talk about and accomplish​ during a Day of Voxer?

Here are some examples from past clients:

  • Optimise your existing social media platforms and turn your posts into paying customers.
  • Create a strategy for a brand new platform
  • Work out who your ideal clients are and how you will attract them to your business
  • Overcome your fear of Facebook Lives
  • Create an online marketing strategy that actually works for you
  • Create a marketing funnel
  • Set up email campaigns
  • Review your website copy and CTAs
  • Create a detailed content plan for a month, a quarter or a year!
  • Create a regular piece of content and repurpose it to save you time and money
  • Develop a lead magnet that will attract and nurture new clients
  • Move forward in your business – instead of being stuck spinning the wheels
  • Figure out the best things to outsource to free up time

It’s also OK if you’re not sure what you want to talk about. Sometimes we just know that things are off somehow, but can’t really tell why, right? That is exactly where I come in.



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