Facebook Ads

We take the effort, the time and the head scratching out of running Facebook™️ Ads.

Facebook™️ adverts are now an invaluable and almost unavoidable tool in a company’s marketing strategy in today’s fast paced world.  Done badly, they are a waste of money. Done well, they have the possibility of having insane ROIs, knocking whatever campaign you have going out of the park and basically giving you a whole lot of leg work in only a few steps…especially if we’re doing them for you.

We’re not the only people in the world who can set up Facebook Ads for you

 But there are a couple of things  that make us different.

  • We know that a one size fits all approach always equals poor results! Which is why all of our campaigns are bespoke to each client and designed to get results that matter to your bottom line.
  •  We have integrity – if we don’t think we can help you with Facebook™️ Ads and get you results that matter to your business, we’ll tell you upfront, before we take your money.


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We will create and shape your Facebook™️ advert and all we need from you is a chat to talk about your where you want it to take your company or product. We’ll then head off for about of research. In this step we’ll investigate what you’ve been up to so far on Facebook™️, your audience, your sales funnel and find any areas which need tinkering with. Once we have a clear strategy in place and you’ve got to grips with what we propose…. We get down to the nitty gritty.

Facebook™️ adverts are so incredibly adaptable, whatever it is your trying to sell or promote, there’s a brilliant way it can be done. We concentrate on how to create conversation, how to humanise your business and in turn create those all-important leads for you. So, when it comes to designing the format, the image, the ad copywriting, we do it all with your personal and specific needs in mind.

We don’t stop there…. Although it’s important for us to know you and your business very well, it’s even more important we get to know your audience like they were our friends too. In our research stage we’ll map out the types of followers you might have – their likes, wants, interests and pain points. This gives us the knowledge to be able to sculpt each layer of the ad campaign to suit different demographics.


Once we’ve hit that nail firmly on the head and the ad is running, we keep going. Now it’s all about understanding, testing, reporting and adjusting. We’ll set up pixels and tracking giving you access to super easy optimisation, we’ll be monitoring the advert on a daily basis and tweaking anything if necessary to ensure it’s as perfect as possible. Crucially, we’ll be reporting on what results it’s seeing so you can be reassured it’s doing what it should be!

All of this will begin to lay a foundation of triumph for your business and/or product. Although Facebook adverts can’t claim to be an overnight success, they are a huge cog in
the digital marketing wheel.

If you’d like to talk to us further about what Facebook ads can do for you and how we can make them happen, get in touch today.

What are the benefits for my business?

  • First and foremost, time back to you and headaches out of the window.
  • You can lean on our decades of experience.
  • You can see results explained in detailed reporting that’s easy to understand.
  • We plan for everything and every eventuality so you don’t have to. If there’s a curveball mid-campaign, no sweat.
  • We think outside of the box, making your Facebook ads a cut above the rest.
  • Higher ROIs.


You’re ready to work with us IF:

  • You’re a well established local business or national brand, or an expert in your field
  • You have money in the bank for at least $1200/month ad spend + our management fee
  • A sales or lead funnel that is converting and you’re ready to capitalise on your wins, increase your ROI, and bank more $$$
  • You want to generate tons of high-quality leads and make MORE sales
  • You’re not one Facebook Ad fail away from broke
  • You’re looking for REAL feedback and optimisation recommendations for your funnel
  • You get that Facebook Advertising is not some quick fix and needs a strategic approach and time to test


Frequently Asked Questions!

I’m already running ads that are doing OK, why do I need you?

OK” is never a long-term goal for any business, work with us to ramp that up to “brilliantly”. We know how hard it is to juggle all the plates when it comes to running a business and we also appreciate it can be hard to pass any of those onto someone else to handle. Unfortunately it means that sometimes we don’t have the time to properly excel at all of the areas we want to, this is when calling upon someone who’s expert in that field can
be just the tonic you need to feel refreshed and revitalised.

Why should I use Facebook™️ Ads?

There are tons of reasons to use Facebook™️ ads so here are just a handful of them. You can reach 71% of the UK population with Facebook™️ ads, so it makes sense that they’ll probably work for your clients audience.

You can get super targeted with Facebook™️ ads.  Imagine being able to put a leaflet through only the doors of the houses where someone was actively looking to buy from your business… Facebook™️ ads can do that.

You can also retarget your warmest audiences, including people who have been on your website even if they landed there via a Google Ad.

Finally, you can turn them off! You can’t return 5,000 printed flyers if they’re not working!

How much should I spend on Facebook™️ ads?

How long is a piece of string?  This is a really tricky question to answer as it will vary for all businesses depending on the customer journey, price of their product or service, and the audience they are competing for.

Facebook™️ advertising space is sold in an auction process so the more you’re willing to spend to get a new customer, the better your chances of success. This means the popular spaces are more expensive as the competition drives the price up. In a similar way, seasonal trends will also push costs up. When more businesses are competing for attention (during the run-up to Christmas, for example, or during a peak sale season in any particular industry), the cost of Facebook™️ ads will go up.

Other things that affect costs include age, location, and popularity of interests.

So, we always suggest a minimum of $40 a day as a good starting point for testing but we know that not all businesses can budget for that. You can get results on smaller budgets, depending on your goals.


Will the ads work?

There is no definitive answer as to whether ads will work. A few signals to suggest they might are if you are getting sales/leads organically, you have a good functioning website, or you know your competitors use ads. These are all good signs, but not a given. 

If you’re spending money on ads it makes total sense that you’ll want to know what results they are getting and you’ll 100% be able to do just that. We could blow your mind if we report back on every piece of data we have access too.  But we don’t want to do that to you, so we’ll report on the data that is aligned with your original goals, i.e. if you wanted sales, how many have you had and what was the total value? What was your return on ad spend and how many people didn’t buy?

Should I use Facebook™️ ads or LinkedIn™️ Ads?

There is a place for all of these ads but if you are just starting out with paid traffic then Facebook™️ ads make total sense.  

LinkedIn™️ ads are good for certain types of businesses but they are more expensive than Facebook™️ ads.  So if your budget is small then you should take that into account.

Not sure if you are Ready for Facebook Ads?

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