About Robyn

I have 20 years’ experience within strategy and business development in the music, property and not for profit sectors. I’ve been there,worn the t-shirt with pride, tripped up and occasionally fallen flat on my face – as we all do from time to time! However, with every hiccup along the way I’ve learned tips and tricks that can now benefit you, you don’t have to make those mistakes and we can prepare together to futureproof your business as you develop.
I will use those decades of being fully immersed in online marketing methods and platforms with their ever changing perimeters to craft a personalised and detailed plan that will ensure your company’s success, whatever the world has to throw at it!

At the heart of what I have done is create thriving customer communities by humanising brands and businesses by giving them some social energy.


How Social Energy Started

I wanted my own social media marketing company, so I set up Social Energy 6 years ago. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and marketing is tightly woven into my DNA so I was excited about the prospect of starting a business doing what I loved. But it was hard to make connections in a small city in a country I had not lived in for 15 years. The business culture was completely different so I had to find ways for people to first notice me and then trust in my expertise and experience.

I juggled a fulltime job and growing my business on the side but suffered a huge set back when I become sick with Bell’s Palsy with the stress of doing all that, and being a Mum. My face was changed permanently and it was devastating. For the first time in my life I lost all my confidence (which I had in bucket loads before). Bizarrely, some might say, I regained my confidence through being more present on social media, especially with Facebook Lives. It helped me stand out and connect with more people than ever before and ultimately led me to have the confidence to leave my full time job to pursue my passion for helping other business owners with their online marketing.

How That Helps Your Business

Because of the hard lesson I learned from getting sick, I am borderline obsessed with strategy, systems and creative content that connects with people, saves TIME and overwhelm! There are a wealth of ways to connect and automate your business leads online. I know because I research on the daily. But most business owners are missing those opportunities because they don’t have the time to learn them or get overwhelmed and lost with all the tech. For me it is about automating (but still remaining very human) all the points in the customer journey from awareness, to
consideration and then conversion.

As a business owner, I’ve been where you are, I know how difficult it can be to work out what to focus on when you’re so immersed in everything the company is. I’m very aware how there seems to never be enough time, man power or resources for some business owners as I see overwhelmed new clients nearly every day! It doesn’t need to be this way, whether you’re a one man band, a small family business or a large company that feels its lost its direction – I can help plug you into simple online marketing strategies that will make sense, get results and create a priceless community within your online platforms.

Most of all I love seeing business owners have fun energising their marketing again and developing the confidence to let their passion for their amazing businesses shine through.


Meet The Team

Debbie Friend

Facebook Ads Specialist

Originally from the UK, Debbie is now based north of Auckland and has her own business called Indie Social Media

We have formed a strong bond over our mutual upset over the price of cucumbers at the moment. Fun fact – she enjoys doing cartwheels in her spare time (from her gymnastic childhood) and can even do one handed ones after a couple of wines!

If I could still do cartwheels then this is what I would be doing when I see the amazing ad results she gets for my clients!

Kelly Munford


Kelly and I go waaaaaay back when I lived in the UK and we used to do marketing together in the music industry. She is her family’s undefeated Scrabble champion (no surprises there) and sold her hugely successful music industry PR business last year, to pursue her first love…writing.

Kelly turns my weekly Facebook Live ramblings into blog posts for my website (which she also wrote the content for) and helps other Social Energy clients with the same.

So if your marketing leaves you lost for words (but not in a good way) we can help

Alexandra Jones

Social Media Manager

Alex has over 12 years experience in Social Media Management and is a Facebook Ads specialist with her own business AJ Social Media Marketing

Like me, she is passionate about increasing clients brand awareness and helping them attract new customers and ultimately increasing revenue. So we make a great team.

Alex does put my fitness regime to shame (what regime, Robyn?), but we do share a love of gin and tonic!

You have to humanise your business, to grow your business.

Marketing is the social business tool, you as a business owner have to be present in your marketing because you have the passion for what you do and your ideal customers need to see that. They need to connect with what you love, before they love it too.

Are you stuck on this important part of your marketing strategy and are unsure how to move forward?

My Services

Social Media

Your customers can be your greatest advocates, with a little encouragement you can find you need to do very little shouting about your own business, but instead hand them the megaphone and let it unfold…

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Marketing Strategy

You know your greatest strengths and you know where you want them to take you. My strategic marketing campaigns connect the actions with the ideas to create a perfectly woven game plan.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook adverts are now an invaluable tool in a company’s marketing strategy in today’s fast-paced, online world. Done badly, they are a waste of money. Done well, they have the possibility of having insane ROIs.

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