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Today I want to talk about some of the things that commonly come up for sole traders and social media. I’m wondering which one you relate to most?

I don’t have time to plan my social media

I totally get it…you are super busy working IN your business and can never seem to find the time to work ON your business. You’ve got client work to do, orders to ship, products to create, and well, just life! I struggle with this frequently and I am content creation expert so please don’t beat yourself up about it.

Here’s how I overcame this one: a simple planning method and a bunch of post-it notes! Start with your ‘sun’ which is the main thing your business helps people with. Then put some ‘planets’ around the sun which are the main topics you teach/talk about. Finally, and in the ‘moons’ which are the different ways you can share about that topic using the 4Ps (positioning, problem-solving, promotional, and personability). I have been adding post-it notes to my office wall using my solar system method for a while now and look how many content ideas I have now!

I feel like I am just posting the same thing all the time

You’re feeling overwhelmed that you have to come up with fresh ideas constantly and it is EXHAUSTING as a small business owner/sole trader.

Here’s how I overcame this one: repurpose your content. One piece of advice I always share with business owners is that you are the ONLY person who sees 100% of your content so it is OK to repeat posts and say the same thing again in a slightly different way. In fact, it is a GOOD thing to be repetitive! Our attention spans are short, we need repetition for things to stick – your audience is the same. There are tons of different ways you can say the same thing – write about, do a screen recording, make a Reel, go live, create a graphic…email your list! 😉

I don’t want to seem too ‘selly’ on social media

Feeling awkward about how to sell your ‘stuff’ AND worrying that you are not making enough money from your business at the same time? You’re not alone! Most of us get into business because we have a talent for making something or expertise in a particular area NOT because we are good at selling.

Here’s how I overcame this one: every piece of content is an opportunity to ‘sell’. You just have to add a call to action or a PS at the end. It’s really that simple! If you have been in my world for a while now you will know that I have created a simple content strategy that focuses on four types of content; positioning content, problem-solving content, promotional content and personability – aka ‘The 4Ps’. Even though one of those is ‘promotional’ you have the opportunity on every type of post to ‘promote’. For example, you could share three tips in a post on social media and then include a PS or CTA like ‘want to work one on one with me to get this sorted? Just DM me’

For me, especially when I was first starting out, selling myself and my business was the hardest thing for me to overcome. But I did it.

And I know you can, too.

Whatever you’re feeling right now…

Wherever you’re at in your path to business or social media success…

I know you can overcome it all and get to where you want to go.

I hope I can be part of that journey to a thriving and enjoyable business with you. It would be my honour.


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