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 The one thing I know about marketing is that there are literally thousands of tools to help you make marketing easier for your business.  But it is a double edged sword because often trying to figure out what is going to work best, takes up so much time to research that you never get around to implementing anything.


I was asked to create a reference section for the new Wheelhouse Marketing Workshop booklet with some of the apps and services I use every week to manage my marketing content.  I thought you might find the list useful, too.






You probably know that the best content on social media is engaging, fun, information and inspiring.  There are some great tools to use to help create some content your followers will love.


Canva (free and paid)


Canva is a awesome and I use it everyday. You don’t need graphic design experience, it is a simple drag and drop online system to create great graphics, photos and gifs. Canva offer lots of free templates to get you started in platform specific sizes. There are paid upgrades and this allows me to use my brand colours, have access to additional imagery and create templates etc.


Loom (free)


Loom allows you to record your screen, with an overlay video of yourself if you wish. I love this for communicating with clients, recording tutorials and other videos for social.


Giphy (free)


Gifs are a great way to add some engaging video to your social media posts. With Giphy you can create Gifs or search the Gif library to find, download and share existing gifs. 


Rev.com (paid)


I use Rev.com to generate the captions for videos and to convert my videos into blog posts. Captions cost $1 per minute of video and are sent in the form of an SRT file, so it is super  affordable and saves a lot of time when you want to repurpose content.


Eye Dropper & What Font Chrome extensions (free)


These are great free tools to add if you are wanting to create some content on Canva but you are unsure what brand colours or fonts you are using on your website.   You might also see a colour or font on another website that you would like to use, so you can check what they are using with these tools.





Content is King in marketing and the very best content is written with your customers problems in mind.  These are the tools I use to find out what my customers problems are and I write content that answers their questions.



Answer the Public (free)


Key in your topic and you’ll find a list of related questions that people are asking about that particular subject.


Keywords Everywhere (paid)


Type in your chosen phrase and this nifty tool will tell you how many people are searching for that particular phrase
so you can determine whether it’s going to be a popular a search term.


HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator (free)


This is a great tool if you are stuck for blog ideas.  Simply type in a noun, i.e. marketing and the tool will create a CSV file with a years worth of ideas.


Keyword Tool (free)


Free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term.  I use this to plan out blog topics, social media posts and video content.




Sometimes you just want to share somebody else’s great content because you know it will be relevant to your audience. 


Google Alerts (free)


Setting up Google alerts allows you to keep on top of industry news for your clients so you can always share the most relevant information.


National Day Calendar (free)


When planning out social media content it is great to take a look at what national and internation recognition days are coming up. Try and find ones that are a bit obscure and have some fun turning it into some content that is relevant to your business.  For example a book store could use National Hedgehog Day to promote a list of childrens books that feature Hedgehogs.


For more awesome tools that I use and recommend I have created a free download (which is just a snippet of my full list of tools in the Social Media Toolbox).  You can grab your freebie here.


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